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Girls’ Angle Bulletin, Volume 4, Number 6

The latest issue of the Bulletin is now available.  The Girls’ Angle Bulletin has faithfully come out at the end of every even-numbered month for four full years!  That’s over 700 pages of math. The cover illustrates the fact that … Continue reading

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Remedial or Enrichment?

Last week, a math teacher asked me whether Girls’ Angle focuses on remedial mathematics or enrichment mathematics.  I think it’s a very important question so I have decided to blog about it.

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Drawn to Math

Lots of people like to draw and many people strive to make more realistic drawings. That desire can motivate lots of mathematics! Perspective drawing is one of the keys to making realistic drawings, and, at the same time, offers a … Continue reading

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Circles, Squares, and Parabolas

If you take two circles, you can position them before your right eye in such a way that one will perfectly overlap the other. In other words, a circle is geometrically similar to all other circles. The same is true … Continue reading

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My frog jumped higher than Yours!

In this post, all I wish to do is share an incident that happened about 5 years ago, before I started Girls’ Angle.  I’m not going to interpret it, analyze it, or draw any conclusions here… just describe what happened. … Continue reading

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Barycentric Coordinates

Draw a triangle and add a point P somewhere on its boundary or in its interior.  Next, connect P to each of the three vertices.  The triangle will be split into 3 smaller triangles, possibly degenerate. Label the fraction of the area of … Continue reading

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Math Contests v. Mathematics

In math contests, participants match wits against humans (the contest designers). In mathematics, participants match wits against the mathiverse!

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