Remedial or Enrichment?

Last week, a math teacher asked me whether Girls’ Angle focuses on remedial mathematics or enrichment mathematics.  I think it’s a very important question so I have decided to blog about it.

My attitude toward remedial and enrichment math is that the notions are largely a product of the way schools administer math education.  Students who are struggling in math class are sent to a remedial program whereas students who are racing through the curriculum are sent to an enrichment program.

But to me, math is math, whether it be about whole numbers, integers, rational numbers, algebraic numbers, real numbers, complex numbers, quaternions, or octonions! I see no need to classify one or the other as remedial or enrichment.

I also think that math is worth studying every year in K-12.  The reason is that no other subject exposes errors in thinking as clearly as mathematics, so studying math is an excellent way to improve one’s thinking ability.  The ability to think well is useful in nearly everything we do.

I have designed Girls’ Angle so it can help girls studying math at any level in K-12 and even beyond.  What we hope is that when girls decide whether they want to join Girls’ Angle or not, they do not ask themselves, “Am I good at math?” Instead, I hope they ask themselves, “Do I think it’s a good idea to learn math?” and if the answer is “Yes”, then join and don’t even worry about whether you are “good enough” or not.

That’s one of the reasons why Girls’ Angle does not have an admissions test.

If you are a girl who happens to love math and can’t get enough of it or has exhausted your school’s curriculum or feels in any way uncomfortable about how math is being taught, give us a try!  Our mentors are fully capable of continuing to challenge you to master more and more mathematics.

If you are a girl who fears math and really wish you didn’t have to go to math class, give us a try anyway!  Our mentors are eager to help you find a path through mathematics that you would enjoy taking.

It’s a good idea, no matter who you are, to keep on studying math. The more math you know, not only will more doors in both science and engineering open to you, you will generally think more effectively. Math is for everybody and everybody can benefit from math.

So don’t think “remedial” or “enrichment”…just think more!


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