WIM Video: The Platonic Solids by Emily Peters

Here’s the latest WIM video, featuring MIT postdoctoral fellow Emily Peters discussing the Platonic Solids.

In the video, Dr. Peters explains why these 5 beautiful solids are singled out and given a special name. She also shows how to prove that the 5 constitute a complete set and challenges you to find another proof that uses Euler’s formula.

For more on Platonic solids, check out this blog post that shows a way to find the volume of a regular tetrahedron in terms of its side length.

Also, if you know how to see stereo pairs by crossing your eyes, you can look at them in 3D in Noah Fechtor’s Math Buffet in Volume 3, Number 4 of the Girls’ Angle Bulletin.

The WIM video series was conceived of and is produced by Girls’ Angle director Elisenda Grigsby. The series features women in mathematics presenting pieces of math that excited them when they were in middle and high school. The series began with funding from Science House and continues with funding from the Big George Ventures Philanthropy Fund.

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