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Girls do Math: Surprised by the Surprise

I occasionally run into people who seem surprised that girls do math! “You run a math club for girls? I thought math was for boys…”

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Similarity Simplifies

When you see that two figures are similar to each other, everything becomes simpler. Suddenly, you realize that if you understand one figure, you know everything about the other, except for its absolute size. I was observing some students solving … Continue reading

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Math Accommodates Many Ways of Thinking

Today marks the beginning of Girls’ Angle’s 9th session and fifth year of existence. To celebrate the occasion, I’m blogging about one of the core philosophical principles of Girls’ Angle: Math Accommodates Many Ways of Thinking. In fact, I am … Continue reading

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Math at the US Open

Being a big fan of tennis, I’m trying to catch as much of the US Open as I can. Here are a couple of tennis-inspired math questions.

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Slow down

A friend recently e-mailed me this question, with the subject line, ‘Splain this please.  It’s messin’ me up! I recognized it from my younger days.  It messed me up quite a bit at the time as well… Three guys walk … Continue reading

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Designing a Dollhouse

A fun way to develop visual intuition and imagination as well as get some practice with basic arithmetic is to design a dollhouse. If you don’t want to make a dollhouse, bird houses, tree houses, desk organizers, bridges, and entertainment … Continue reading

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