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Girls’ Angle Bulletin, Volume 5, Number 1

The latest issue of the Girls’ Angle Bulletin has just been posted.

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Puzzle of Fortune!

Recently, both Hewlett Packard and IBM named women as their Chief Executive Officers. To celebrate, here’s a puzzle for you. All I’ll say is that the puzzle was designed this past summer. (Part of the puzzle is to figure out … Continue reading

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Being Receptive- A Quadratic Example

A few days ago, I presented some students with this problem from the 2003 AMC 10A (problem #5): Let and denote the solutions of . What is the value of ?

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Dreamin’ ’bout Math

I sometimes get science educator envy. I watch them convey ideas with hatching chickadees, snapping plants, fiery explosions, counter-intuitive gyroscopic dances, color-changing liquids, erupting volcanoes, whirling water spouts, sizzling arcs, glistening gems,

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A Problem For Circle Lovers

Here’s a math problem for anyone who loves circles.

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Logic at the 2011 Girls’ Angle Chocolate Soiree

Tonight was the 4th annual Girls’ Angle Chocolate Soiree. Many thanks to the Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences at MIT for allowing us to use their beautiful ninth floor space to host the event. In addition to the chocolate … Continue reading

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Professor Gowers’s Blog – Mathematicians on Math

Timothy Gowers, the mathematician who compiled the incredible Princeton Companion to Mathematics, has begun a series of blog posts directed toward students who aspire to become mathematicians. It’s really quite amazing!

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Stereographic Projection is Conformal

In Hana Kitasei and Tim Reckart’s animated video, Summer Vacation, Angela says that stereographic projection preserves angles. Here’s a proof.

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Hana Kitasei and Tim Reckart

Scramble the Angle in “Girls’ Angle,” add an “A,” and get a girl named Angela. That’s what Hana and Tim did to create Girls’ Angle’s first animated math mentor. She wears an “A” on her shirt, or is that a … Continue reading

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3D Trapezoids

A few days ago, I was discussing the area formula for a trapezoid with students who had just derived it for themselves. The discussion led to a neat generalization of the trapezoid to higher dimensions different from the one that envisions the 3D … Continue reading

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