Hana Kitasei and Tim Reckart

Scramble the Angle in “Girls’ Angle,” add an “A,” and get a girl named Angela.

That’s what Hana and Tim did to create Girls’ Angle’s first animated math mentor. She wears an “A” on her shirt, or is that a mathematical compass? With Hana’s voicing and Tim’s animation, she comes to life in two animated videos they designed for Girls’ Angle, The Gingerbread Transformer and Summer Vacation.

I love their attention to detail and creativity. For example, I like the way Tim effected a visual transition by taking advantage of Angela’s laser and a line of longitude to white out the screen at 01:44 of Summer Vacation. Check it out for yourself:

And I like the way Angela was able to pick up the idea of composing isometries after accidentally resting her elbows on the rotate and slide buttons at 02:20:

Animation is a lot of work and I hope you appreciate their work as much as I do!



About girlsangle

We're a math club for girls.
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