Girls’ Angle Bulletin, Volume 5, Number 1

Cover of Volume 5, Number 1The latest issue of the Girls’ Angle Bulletin has just been posted.

The cover shows a pyramidal arrangement of clementines which inspired Anna’s Math Journal. There she seeks a general formula for the number of clementines in such pyramidal arrangements. (Yes, I wish we could have made a pyramid of jack-o-latterns…but Clementines are a lot less expensive.)

Also in this issue, we have the first part of our interview with Harvard math professor Sophie Morel. Many thanks to Prof. Morel for obliging us with this interview!

a windy path

A drawing by Søren Galatius.

Stanford mathematician Søren Galatius contributes an article on winding numbers and Vishakha Apté, a professional architect, wrote in after reading about our dollhouse design project from last semester.

In the Notes from the Club section, there’s a fun activity: a mathematical proof whose statements have been all shuffled around. The problem is to unscramble these statements to form a coherent proof.

And there are our regular columns Math In Your World, Errorbusters!, and Coach Barb’s Corner. Hope you enjoy it!

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We're a math club for girls.
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