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A Blind Spot of the MCAS

I’d like to blog about an important problem solving skill: The ability to make new symbolic representations. Fundamentally, it’s a language skill. Languages are symbolic representations, and where would the human race be without language?

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Mathematician’s Guide to Vest Removal

Our latest math video demo stars Harvard undergraduate Ryan Heffrin who demonstrates how to remove one’s vest without removing one’s overcoat. It’s a good party trick!

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Puzzle of Fortune – Solution

The winner of the Puzzle of Fortune is Diana G. of Massachusetts. Congratulations! Many thanks to all those who participated!

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Retaining College STEM Majors

In a recent article by Christopher Drew in the New York Times, Mr. Drew points out that 40 to 60 percent of students “planning engineering and science majors end up switching to other subjects or failing to get any degree,” … Continue reading

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Greedy Clams – Solution

Here’s a solution to the Greedy Clam problem that was inspired by Luyi’s “Satiated Clam” geometry problem.

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Message to our Members

I wrote a message for one of our members, but I’d like to make it available to all our members and any student of math who might be interested, so I adapted it into this blog post.

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Greedy Clams

Here’s a problem inspired by Luyi’s “Satiated Clam” problem.  (Her problem makes me think of a clam with the biggest possible pearl inside.) The problem begins with the same setup as hers. Let ABCDEF and ABC’D’E’F’ be two regular hexagons with unit … Continue reading

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