Girls’ Angle Bulletin, Volume 5, Number 2

Cover of Volume 5, Number 2 of the Girls' Angle BulletinThe latest issue of the Girls’ Angle Bulletin is now available.

This issue kicks off with the concluding half of Winding Numbers by Stanford professor Søren Galatius.  The cover design is inspired by his article…the drawing is one long loop with seven-fold symmetry. Points with the same winding number are painted the same color. The central highlight consists of points where the winding number is 4.

circle and angle

Do you remember this result from high school geometry?

Also inside, we give a small illustration that shows how mathematics is a magical substance…one where the more you try to put into your mind, the more your mind can hold!

If you made a gumdrop & pretzel structure this holiday season, then Katherine Sanden’s Math In Your World column is for you. And if you are prone to algebraic computation errors when you expand things like (x+3)^2, check out Cammie Smith Barnes’ Errorbusters! column. Coach Barb gives us more fraction satisfaction in another whimsical interview with \frac{3}{7}. And, if you enjoyed last issue’s scrambled proof, this issue has another quite challenging one: a scrambled version of Chvatal’s Art Gallery Theorem.

You’ll note that we didn’t include the second half of our interview with Harvard professor Sophie Morel in the electronic version. Some day, we will put it in, but for now, we are hoping to entice some into becoming Bulletin Sponsors. The full interview does appear in the printed version.

Happy New Year!


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