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Girls’ Angle Bulletin, Volume 5, Number 3

The latest issue of the Bulletin covers a wide variety of mathematics from combinatorics to topology. In the print version, there’s also an interview with MIT Ph.D. biostatistician Dana Pascovici who works at the Australian Proteome Analysis Facility in Sydney. … Continue reading

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The Girls’ Angle Support Network is a crucial component of Girls’ Angle’s math educational strategy. The Support Network consists of professional women who use math in their work in some vital way and have agreed to visit the club to … Continue reading

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Back to Basics: Arctangent

Recently, a student asked me about problem #8 on the 2008 AIME 1 competition, which is reproduced here for your convenience: Find the positive integer such that . She was able to solve this using the sum of arctangents identity … Continue reading

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