Puzzle of Firsts

To celebrate Women’s History Month and Pi Day, here’s a raffle puzzle contest. Feel free to use search engines to help! (The deadline for entry has passed and a winner announced. Thank you for participating! If you’re a teacher, feel free to give this to your students.)

To enter the raffle, follow these steps: First, solve the crossword puzzle. After you’ve completed the grid, treat O’s as zeros and I’s as ones and write out these bits in order from left to right and top to bottom. Convert the resulting binary number into a 10 digit hexadecimal number. Send this number to: girlsanglepuzzler “at” gmail.com. Include your contact information in the body of the message. We will randomly draw from the correct answers received by midnight on March 31, 2012 to select a “winner” and send the winner a small prize (probably involving chocolate).

For a print friendly version, click here.

Crossword grid for Girls' Angle's Puzzle of FirstsAcross

1. Qualifier for the USAMO
5. Letters for a dentist
8. Penultimate Greek letter
11. Use your nose
13. Dough
15. Precedes lace or horn
16. E
17. The content of mathematics
18. Moon
19. 1st at MIT
21. See 19A
23. Transitional rooms on the ISS
24. Multiplicative identity
27. Sagan’s inspirational science show
30. Response to Q
31. Opposite of ENE
33. Throat clearing sound
35. Young newt
36. Take note (abbr.)
37. 1st atPrinceton
39. Calculator maker
40. Game involving stones, life, and capturing races
41. See 37A
45. One half of an em
46. Some problems that boil down to finding roots of derivatives
48. Continuing
50. Summer math program for high school students
51. Base of the natural logarithm
52. Leave
53. Precedes some or suction
54. Denigrates
58. 1st at Harvard
60. See 58A
61. Agnesi’s blu to Germaine
63. Body sans limbs
65. Staffilani’s native land
68. Sometimes precedes angle
69. Hockfield’s institute
70. One who longs?
71. 0 or 1 to a computer
72. Unagi
73. Contracts that forbid telling


1. Common word in comparisons
2. Fast way to communicate
3. Lines that connect the vertices of a triangle to the midpoints of opposite sides
4. Call forth
5. Prefix meaning 12
6. Anonymous Jane
7. Kovalevskaya and Ratner
8. “Call, OK”
9. Half of tolerable
10. That is
12. Where \frac{L!}{k!(L-k)!} belongs
13. He brought back Rhyme and Reason
14. Enzyme ending
15. Plus and minus
19. Witten’s theory
20. Paradises
22. Word that sometimes follows clean or reading
25. Where a function maps to
26. Location for messages
27. Yielding to
28. Decimal?
29. Undercover operation
32. Sports league
33. Part of a circle
34. “___ ___ Silver”
38. When ideas become clearer
41. Quit
42. Writer of fables
43. When a mathematician proven wrong persists
44. In such a way
47. Something impossible to do to an angle with a compass and straightedge
49. Where “i2 = j2 = k2 = ijk = -1” was etched
51. Train
54. Ecosystem
55. Spooky
56. Mathlete summit
57. Allow
59. Alt.
61. “Just a sec”
62. Graduation gift on Maui
64. City in MO
66. Grassy field
67. Typical time it takes to get tenure (abbr.)

Good luck!

(We will not use your contact information for any purpose other than to deliver your prize, should you win. After the winner has been selected, all emails received will be promptly deleted. At the winner’s discretion, we will let you know who won. Anyone who makes more than one submission will be disqualified! Sorry! Also, this offer is only valid in those states in the United States where such things are legal. There is no fee to enter this puzzle contest.)

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