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Girls’ Angle Bulletin, Volume 5, Number 4

In our latest issue, meet mathematician Jean Pedersen in the first part of a 3-part interview. We hope that this interview will have you actively doing some mathematics (and building some pretty polyhedra too). In Part 1, Prof. Pedersen recounts … Continue reading

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Secret Message Raffle

Updated November 30, 2012: This challenge has been solved. Many thanks to all who participated! In the April, 2012 (Volume 5, Number 4) issue of the Girls’ Angle Bulletin, there is a Secret Message Challenge on page 15. The issue … Continue reading

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2011 Math Prize for Girls: #6-10

Here are comments and solutions to problems 6-10 on the 2011 Math Prize for Girls contest that took place at MIT on September 17, 2011. Earlier I blogged comments and solutions for problems 11-15 and problems 16-20.

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2012 AIME 1 Problem #12

I was checking out Mess or Math?’s cool blog and her latest post wonders whether problem 12 on the 2012 AIME 1 has a simple solution. Simple is a subjective term. The problem’s setup certainly suggests invoking things like the … Continue reading

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Postulates, Proofs, and Obviousness

This is a response to the following question posted by fiftyducklings as a comment to Fraction Satisfaction: In geometry, we learned things like “segment addition postulate” and “area addition postulate,” which were pretty intuitive statements. But then I looked at … Continue reading

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Fraction Satisfaction…

Fractions are a common stumbling block on the journey to learn mathematics. But they are important to learn and become comfortable with because they are useful in so many situations like cooking and probability. The way to gain this comfort … Continue reading

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Puzzle of Firsts – Solution

Congratulations to Bret S. of California for winning the Puzzle of Firsts crossword raffle in celebration of Women’s History Month! Like our Puzzle of Fortune! raffle winner, Bret will receive chocolate from L. A. Burdick. Many thanks to all who … Continue reading

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