Girls’ Angle Bulletin, Volume 5, Number 4

Cover of the Girls' Angle Bulletin, Volume 5, Number 4In our latest issue, meet mathematician Jean Pedersen in the first part of a 3-part interview. We hope that this interview will have you actively doing some mathematics (and building some pretty polyhedra too). In Part 1, Prof. Pedersen recounts the story of how she discovered self-correcting folds.

The cover is a tessellation of tessellations designed by our members. For a good view of the tessellations, turn to this issue’s Mathematical Buffet.

This spring, Prof. Sarah Spence Adams of Olin College visited our club and gave a fascinating presentation on cryptography. Inspired by her presentation, we are offering you a Secret Message Challenge…turn to page 15 for details or read about it elsewhere on this blog. If you can decipher the messages and determine the numbers associated with each message, enter our free raffle for a chance to win a prize.

Tessellation of Bunnies

Bunny Tessellation designed by Toshia McCabe

Katherine Sanden ends up doing some pretty sophisticated mathematics all as the result of being introduced to Mini Charleston Chews. Cammie sets us straight on computing inverse functions. Coach Barb continues her dialogue with 3/7s…although in our continuing effort to convince readers to subscribe to the printed version, we are delaying the release of Coach Barb’s Corner in the electronic version to some time in the future. If you want to encourage the production of math content like that found in the Bulletin, please consider becoming a sponsor!

Finally, the long dormant It Figures! comic strip makes a return.  This episode had been planned out years ago and the topic it addresses actually came up at Girls’ Angle’s Math Contest Prep this spring, so it seemed appropriate to finally get the episode written.

Hope you enjoy it!


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