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Manipulatives: Use With Caution!

Math manipulatives are concrete objects used as props in math education. As mere objects, they are, in and of themselves, not a bad thing. What is terrible is how they are often used in instruction.

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Back to Basics: Multiplication is NOT the Inverse of Division!

I often hear the mantra, “Multiplication is the inverse of division.” The bottom line: it’s wrong. And, since it does cause confusion for some, it’s a good idea to stop saying it. Basically, it is an oversimplification. Here’s what is … Continue reading

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2011 Math Prize for Girls: #1-5

Here are comments and solutions to problems 1-5 on the 2011 Math Prize for Girls contest that took place at MIT on September 17, 2011. Earlier I blogged comments and solutions for problems 6-10, problems 11-15, and problems 16-20.

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