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The Girls’ Angle Bulletin is our bimonthly math magazine. It contains articles on math, descriptions of mathematical activities, fun and challenging math problems, math-inspired art, interviews with women in mathematics, and more. Content is created by our members, staff, and contributors, many of whom are mathematicians.

All Bulletin content is vetted by mathematicians.

Who is the magazine for? The primary audience includes girls in grades 5-12, but we believe that anyone interested in mathematics will find enjoyable, useful content in the Bulletin. And remember, if the math is good for girls, it’s also good for boys.

We hope that all students, homeschoolers, and parents of students subscribe. We also hope that organizations that support and encourage the study of mathematics such as schools, colleges, and libraries subscribe.

What is the magazine for? Originally, the Bulletin existed so that the staff at Girls’ Angle had a place to put written math educational content. Sometimes working through an article is an ideal way to learn a topic. And, if a member had trouble with an article, she could always turn to one of our mentors for help.

Today, this original purpose continues, but the Bulletin has evolved into something more.
The Bulletin is a mathematical learning tool that students can use both to learn more mathematics and to gauge their progress in mathematics. The Bulletin has content at many levels of difficulty. For those just starting to play with the basic elements of mathematics, there are articles on basic properties of lines and fractions, such as Coach Barb’s series on Fraction Satisfaction that began in Volume 5, Number 1. For students who have lived with math for many years, you’ll find articles and math problems some would deem more fitting for college students, such as Prof. Denis Serre’s article on the Tour de France in Volume 4, Number 5, or the Coin Fountains Summer Fun problem set in Volume 5, Number 5. When a student can read through most of the articles and solve most of the problems in several issues of the Bulletin, it means that she can be confident that she is ready for the most rigorous math major programs in college.

Unfortunately, today, it is not uncommon for students who have aced all their high school’s math offerings to go to college and be unable to transition to the level expected of them as math majors.  Christopher Drew wrote about this last November in the New York Times. Girls’ Angle bridges this gap. In some ways, you can think of Girls’ Angle as a ramp, maintained by mathematicians, from grade school into the top college math programs.

Subscribers gain access to our mentors. Learning math well is a challenge and we certainly do not believe that it would be fair to expect students to learn math armed with nothing more than math books or magazines. So, to help our readers improve at mathematics, subscribers also gain access to our mentors through email.  That is, they can email us with math questions pertaining to Bulletin content, have us comment on any solutions they’ve come up with, and influence the content in the magazine.

“I don’t like math. Why should I subscribe?” Mathematics is a very large subject. It covers anything and everything that can be thought about rationally and abstractly. So don’t give up on math too soon. Also, grappling with math exercises your mind and helps you to improve your ability to think. Being able to think well is useful in nearly everything you do, from dealing with social situations to making your work more efficient to organizing your everyday life. At Girls’ Angle, we believe that all students should study more math. It doesn’t matter what level you are in math or how good or bad you think you are at math. Pick up a Bulletin and flip through the pages to a random place and just start reading. The content is diverse. Try to find some foothold and build from there. And remember: You are not alone. As a subscriber you have access to our mentors through email and we welcome your questions and content suggestions.

Summary of Subscription Benefits. For $36, you get:

  • A 1 year subscription (6 issues) to the printed version of the Girls’ Angle Bulletin.
  • Access to our mentors through email (for the duration of your subscription). You can email us with math questions about Bulletin content or even send us your solutions to math problems in the Bulletin and expect a constructive response, either directly or in the Bulletin itself.
  • The ability to influence Bulletin content. We take content suggestions very seriously. Already much of the content in the Bulletin exists in direct response to the request or needs of a member or subscriber.
  • A quality source of math content that you can use both to improve your knowledge and understanding of mathematics and to gauge your mathematical progress. When you are able to read most of the articles and solve most of the problems in several issues of the Bulletin with ease, you are ready for the most rigorous math programs in the country.

How do I subscribe? There are two ways. You can send a check for $36 made out to “Girls’ Angle” to:

Girls’ Angle
PO Box 410038
Cambridge, MA  02141-0038

Indicate that the check is for a Bulletin subscription and please provide the name and address where you would like the magazine sent. International subscribers will have to cover the additional cost of postage.

Alternatively, you may use the Google Wallet button on our subscription page (if you use Google Wallet, there will be a small surcharge to cover the transaction fee that goes to Google).

Thank you! We hope you subscribe!

Girls’ Angle is a nonprofit math club for girls based in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Founded in 2007, our mission is to foster and nurture girls’ interest in mathematics and empower them to be able to tackle any field no matter the level of mathematical sophistication.

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We're a math club for girls.
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