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WIM Video: Sizes of Infinite Sets

In our latest WIM Video, Michigan State University Assistant Professor of Mathematics Teena Gerhardt discusses the sizes of infinite sets.

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Bouncing in a U-Shaped Gallery

Consider the U-shaped hallway illustrated above. All angles are right angles and the numbers indicate the lengths of various walls. The figure is not drawn to scale. The problem is to send a point sized billiard ball located at the … Continue reading

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One-Fold Origami Puzzle Raffle – Solution

Congratulations to Philip H. for winning the One-Fold Origami Puzzle Raffle! Many thanks to all who participated! Here is Philip’s solution:

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Mental Madness at Math Prize for Girls

Tonight was the glorious Math Games Night at Math Prize for Girls. This year, the event took place in the stunning tenth floor of the Microsoft NERD Center. There were activities of all shapes and sizes: modular origami, traditional games, … Continue reading

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Use Your Mind to Save Yourself Time

I’m looking forward to Games Night at the Math Prize for Girls coming up this weekend. I’ve been working with the author of “Mess or Math?” to create a really fun math activity and I hope many of you who … Continue reading

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Make Friends With Your Enemy: Embrace Mistakes!

As Girls’ Angle’s sixth year gets underway, I’ve got one message for our members: Don’t fear mistakes. Instead, make them your friends. Mistakes, especially public ones, can be embarrassing. People might even laugh at you. That’s just human nature. ┬áBut … Continue reading

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Two Lady Bug Path Problems

The other day, I noticed a bunch of lady bugs walking in the grooves of a tiled floor.

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The Long and Winding Road…

…that leads to where no mathematician has gone before.

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