Girls’ Angle Bulletin, Volume 6, Number 1

Cover of Volume 6, Number 1 of the Girls' Angle BulletinThe electronic version of the latest issue of the Girls’ Angle Bulletin is now available on our website.

Can you figure out what the cover represents?

Inside, we have again hidden or removed some of the content as we continue our push to increase the circulation of our print edition and we hope you consider subscribing. For $36/year you get 6 printed issues and access to our mentors via email. Unlock the power of problem solving…subscribe and master mathematics!

What’s missing? Our interview with Rice University mathematician Danijela Damjanović, although you can get the contact information you need for a girls’ math program that she is running at the beginning of the interview.  If you’re a girl who likes math and lives in Houston, check it out!

Illustration by Julia Zimmerman

We’ve also left in only the first page of Harvard University mathematician Emily Riehl’s article on the Stable Marriage problem. This is the first part of a series she wrote as a follow-up to her recent WIM video. You can still see half of Julia Zimmerman’s playful illustrations for this fascinating topic which partly led to the recent Nobel prize in economics to Lloyd Shapley.

And, we’ve covered up some of Coach Barb’s Corner’s dialogue on percentages.

But all of this is available, ad-free, in our print version!

Despite the cuts, there is still much remaining in the electronic version.

Cat Map ImageThe Cat Map Dr. Damjanović mentioned an interesting map on the torus in her interview, and Fluffy Fur, our logic lovin’ cat explains the map in enough detail so that you can make computations with it and explore it at home.

At right is the image, under the cat map, of a familiar fellow. Can you figure out who?

Some minimal winning coalitions for 3 voters.

Two collections of minimal winning coalitions for 3 voters.

In Anna’s Math Journal, Anna succeeds in resolving the mystery of zero coefficients that she came upon in her study of sums of kth powers.

Cammie Smith Barnes cracks down on a common error involving negative exponents in Errorbusters!

Taotao Liu introduces weighted voting systems, a rather timely topic!

Mathematician Robert Donley introduces Fermat’s little theorem in the first part of his journey through a lot of wondrous mathematics.  Robert runs the YouTube channel MathDoctorBob, which now offers over 650 videos on over a dozen different math subjects.

We also prove all 7 facts about complex numbers mentioned in Pondering Complex Numbers from the previous issue.

Icosahedron with colored edges

A specially colored icosahedron. Can you see how this coloring scheme is special?

And you can read about some of our Support Network visitors this semester: Charlene Morrow of Mt. Holyoke College, Pardis Sabeti of Harvard University and the Broad Institute, and Anoush Najarian of MathWorks.

MathWorks made a generous donation to Girls’ Angle this summer in support of Bulletin content, and this issue already includes content supported in part by that donation. We hope you enjoy it!

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