SUMiT 2013

SUMiT 2012, the first collaboration between MIT’s USWIM and Girls’ Angle, received great feedback from participants. In fact, the average overall rating, rounded to the nearest integer was 10 out of 10.

So, USWIM and Girls’ Angle are at it again, getting ready to host SUMiT 2013!

This all goes back to that fateful day in 2011 when USWIM’s outreach coordinator Anne Juan inquired about the possibility of doing some joint project with Girls’ Angle. Discussions between Anne, then USWIM president Hilary Monaco, and I intensified. Both of them, from the get go, grasped and advocated for the fundamental goals and concept of the Math Treasure Hunt: fun, fully collaborative, mathematically-intense, and empowering. Participants are put into a predicament from which they must extricate themselves as a group by solving math problems. Because each girl’s success is tied to the success of the group, the best strategy to complete the hunt is one of collaboration and cooperation.

Both Anne and Hilary have graduated from MIT, but the torch has been passed on to very capable hands in Chen Dan Dong, Carmela Lao, Allison Koenecke, and others!  I’m personally very excited about the story line and it looks to me like SUMiT 2013 is going to fully promote all objectives of the Math Treasure Hunt.

So if you’re a girl in grades 6-10 and are looking for a fun, mathematically-intense event where you’ll get to work closely with many other girls your age who also like math, think about applying for SUMiT 2013. We wish we could accommodate everyone, but because of limited resources, we have to limit again to 30 girls. Our registration process will be an objective one and will favor those who apply earliest.

Registration opens on December 10, 2012.


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We're a math club for girls.
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