Hidden Math Crossword

(The contest is now closed. Congratulations to Rebecca W. and Carly R.  Rebecca will receive an Intel web computer and Carly will receive chocolate from L. A. Burdick. Thanks to all who tried this crossword. We hope it was enjoyable.)


Sometimes it takes a little work to find the math. In the completed crossword grid, find 8 singular nouns with mathematical meaning. Each of the 8 mathematical terms has at least 5 letters, appears horizontally, and is split by a single black square. Send these 8 mathematical terms along with your contact information to girlsanglepuzzler “at” gmail.com. We will randomly draw from the correct answers received by midnight on October 1, 2013 to select a “winner” and send the winner a small prize. Girls’ Angle members will be put into a separate pool and have a chance to win an Intel web computer.

For a print friendly version, click here.



1. Hawaiian statue
5. MIT’s Tim
11. Grays
15. Kemeny and Kurtz’s language
16. Above the timberline
17. Simpson’s Burns
18. Brick
19. Traveled
20. Z and Ω
21. Reptile
22. Them’s opponent
24. It’s found over a portal
26. Tic-tac-toe side
27. Really understand
28. Feed the kitty
29. Dad
31. Location of the tallest building in the Western hemisphere
35. Less rough
38. Yale alum
39. City where Tao teaches
40. Card game that models a 4 dimensional affine space over F_3
42. Put back in the oven
43. Word after time or washing
46. Edition or release (abbr.)
48. Typesetting software by Knuth
49. Where to find a surgeon
50. Drops on the grass
52. 1,000 and 1,000,000, briefly
54. “Poor baby!”
56. He directed Life of Pi
58. Tennis do-over
60. Entreat
63. 1 + 1 = 3 and 2 + 2 = 5
66. Young woman, sometimes
68. Six
69. Center of gravity
70. Bend light
72. She sees many red eyes
75. Latin and
76. Nest eggs
78. Charged particle
79. Sometimes follows home
80. Burning
82. Longest river in Italy
83. Semiconductor maker
86. Cosmos host
88. sin s / cos s
90. Scrabble 3-pointer
91. Butter substitute
92. Vest
94. Amorphous things
95. Winged stinger
96. In this place
97. Bird


1. Voilà!
2. Exercise refreshment
3. Block
4. Mr. ChemCake, sometimes (see volume 4, number 4 of the Girls’ Angle Bulletin)
5. A French bread
6. __ Salvador
7. Interest rate for an entire year
8. String instrument
9. The last part of a story
10. Type in again
11. Ending for do, not, and change
12. Objective
13. Type of curve
14. It flew faster than sound
15. Sack
23. Black, Red, and Yellow, for example
25. Belief
27. Can precede up, out, and in
29. Green bullet
30. Work of a Constable
31. Office note
32. Winglike
33. Formerly Clay
34. It borders Ore.
36. Unifying idea
37. Superman’s nemesis
41. The smallest whole number that isn’t a single digit
44. The Leroy P. Steele Prize
45. Shocking creature
47. Steal
51. Betroth
53. Forms a Pythagorean triple with 24 and 25
54. Hotshot fighter pilots
55. Sharpen
56. Snoopy says it
57. Special cup
59. Follows green or iced
61. British title
62. Expulsion
63. Mistaken mistake?
64. Army equivalent of academia’s emer.
65. Remove
67. Plane on radar
71. Meat and peppers in cornmeal
73. After formal tie action
74. Kindly
77. Title for Nadal
80. God of war
81. Fosbury ___
83. Peacekeeper or Minuteman
84. Napoleon stayed here for 300 days
85. Less less?
86. Calf’s mom
87. Pie – mode connector
89. Short suite
93. Ciao

Good luck!

(We will not use your contact information for any purpose other than to deliver your prize, should you win. After the winner has been selected, all emails received will be promptly deleted. At the winner’s discretion, we will let you know who won. Anyone who makes more than one submission will be disqualified! Sorry! Also, this offer is only valid in those states in the United States where such things are legal. There is no fee to enter this puzzle contest.)


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