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Intuiting the Chain Rule

If you’ve just learned the chain rule but feel that you have no intuition for it, this post might help. Recall that the chain rule tells us how to compute the derivative of a composite function. Specifically, suppose and  are … Continue reading

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WIM Video: Pick’s Theorem

In our latest WIM Video, Depaul University Associate Professor of Mathematics Bridget Tenner discusses Pick’s theorem. The Girls’ Angle WIM Video series is the brainchild of Girls’ Angle director Elisenda Grigsby. WIM Videos are often shot on the spur of the moment … Continue reading

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Do you believe this?

Here’s a triangle: I’ll use the vertex labels to also denote the corresponding angle measures. Take the sines of all 3 angles in the triangle: , , and . Would you believe it if I told you that these three … Continue reading

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Happy New Year!

How many dots are in the base?

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