Go Digital! A Crossword Puzzle Raffle

(Added January 7, 2015: This raffle is now closed. Thank you to all who entered. Congratulations to F. Dangerfield of Massachusetts who won the member draw and to B. Jackson of Wisconsin who won the general draw!)


At Girls’ Angle, we do love digits!

Solve this crossword alone or with friends and relatives.  Scan in or take a digital photo of your completed grid and send it to girlsanglepuzzler “at” gmail.com. We will randomly draw from the correct answers received by midnight on January 4, 2015 to select a “winner” and send the winner a small prize. Girls’ Angle members will be put into a separate pool for a different prize.

This crossword puzzle is dedicated to Connie Chow.

For a print friendly version, click here.



1. Rest
6. Fall mo.
9. Sub
14. Breathing
15. Greek letter
16. Loaded with marinara
17. Hushed
18. Goal
19. Vermeer product
20. Sunrises and hatchings
23. Soft cheese
24. It often gets beat
25. Rights wrongs
27. City in 54D
31. Donor
33. Unlike Smith
34. Acts like a ghost
36. Where cultures are made
39. Für Elise form
41. Type of health plan: Abbr.
42. Rise over run
44. Increases
45. Forest and jungle
48. Divisible by 2
49. Catches up to
50. Most frigid
52. Triangular sail, or, a 15-year-old who lives near the Endeavour?
55. Hamburg’s commission
56. Drive the getaway car
57. Equal areas in equal times
64. Burdens
66. Overly
67. Baking bean
68. Bad color combination
69. Trig function
70. Seaweeds
71. Veracity
72. Time unit’s plural form: Abbr.
73. Name with a double consonant


1. Docile
2. Graduate
3. Flying diamond
4. Follows for or what
5. Pentagon property
6. Type of ape
7. Elegant
8. The Princeton Companion to Mathematics, for example
9. Hawaii is the last of these: Abbr.
10. Samson’s bane?
11. No longer useful
12. Corrosive
13. Kids
21. They can be bruised
22. Oft used file command
26. Place to eat
27. Brown
28. Continuous image of the circle
29. Writes
30. Total
31. Most exciting match
32. Fe
35. Soften in the mouth
36. Zero to Federer
37. What cosine does to sine
38. Not straight
40. Shrek
43. Hawaiian graduation gift
46. File’s partner
47. Tails
49. Loathe
51. Someone you only drive to work with?
52. Fastener
53. Haliotis
54. State of 27A
55. Clean with string
58. Draw
59. Low quality
60. Shelf with a view
61. Plastic brick
62. Not home
63. Gave more importance
65. Short

Good luck!

(We will not use your contact information for any purpose other than to deliver your prize, should you win. After the winner has been selected, all emails received will be promptly deleted. At the winner’s discretion, we will let you know who won. Anyone who makes more than one submission will be disqualified! Sorry! Also, this offer is only valid in those states in the United States where such things are legal. There is no fee to enter this puzzle contest.)


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