Girls’ Angle Bulletin, Volume 10, Number 6

The electronic version of the latest issue of the Girls’ Angle Bulletin is now available on our website.

10 years of the Girls’ Angle Bulletin!

With Volume 10, Number 6, we’ve published 42 interviews with women in mathematics, dozens of Summer Fun problem sets, and some 1500 pages of math and math educational content, authored by professional mathematicians and scientists, graduate students, math teachers, undergraduates, and Girls’ Angle members. There have been galleries of math related art, comic strips, dialogues, articles, brain teasers, math challenges, math games, and much more. Thank you to the over 150 people have contributed to Bulletin content over the last decade! And Thank You to Mathworks, whose continuing support for the Girls’ Angle Bulletin has made so much of this possible.

Volume 10, Number 6 opens with an interview with Kathryn Mann, assistant professor in the Department of Mathematics at Brown University. Prof. Mann received her doctoral degree from the University of Chicago under the supervision of Benson Farb and was previously an assistant professor and NSF postdoctoral researcher at UC Berkeley. Her research interests include geometry, topology, and geometric group theory.

Next, Emily and Jasmine make steady progress on their quest to classify “nice triangles”. Their journey has taken them into the realm of algebra where they have been evaluating the cyclotomic polynomials at i. Hopefully, their perseverance will pay off, but even if it doesn’t, they’ve learned a lot of neat facts about the cyclotomic polynomials.

In this issue’s Math In Your World, we explain the rationale behind so-called “geometric probability.” The reason for this article, like so much content in the Bulletin, is because there are some current Girls’ Angle members who may be about to begin an investigation that requires understanding continuous probability distributions. (To all members: your content requests are taken very seriously and given a high priority!)

In Anna’s Math Journal, Anna gets an idea for looking at special tilings of 1 by \sqrt{2} rectangles that could potentially lead to a derivation of the formula for the number of such tilings that doesn’t use generating functions.

And, finally, we close with the solutions to this summer’s Summer Fun problem sets.

We hope you enjoy it!

Finally, a reminder: when you subscribe to the Girls’ Angle Bulletin, you’re not just getting a subscription to a magazine. You are also gaining access to the Girls’ Angle mentors.  We urge all subscribers and members to write us with your math questions or anything else in the Bulletin or having to do with mathematics in general. We will respond. We want you to get active and do mathematics. Parts of the Bulletin are written to induce you to wonder and respond with more questions. Don’t let those questions fade away and become forgotten. Send them to us!

We continue to encourage people to subscribe to our print version, so we have removed some content from the electronic version.  Subscriptions are a great way to support Girls’ Angle while getting something concrete back in return.  We hope you subscribe!

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