To foster and nurture girls’ interest in mathematics and empower them to be able to tackle any field no matter the level of mathematical sophistication.

Founded in 2007, Girls’ Angle is a nonprofit math club for girls based in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

At our clubhouse, girls work directly with mentors who are mostly women on the mathematics career path: undergraduate math majors, graduate students in math, and postdocs in math.  They meet professional women who use math in their work and visit the club to explain how and for what they use math.

We publish a bimonthly magazine, the Girls’ Angle Bulletin, which contains articles on anything and everything to do with math and written by our staff, various contributors including mathematicians, and our members.

We produce math educational videos including Girls’ Angle Director Eli Grigsby’s Women In Mathematics video series. Other videos, such as Summer Vacation by former Girls’ Angle mentor Hana Kitasei and animator Tim Reckart, may be found on our YouTube Channel.

We offer other services as well, such as a free book program and special courses. For more information, please visit our website.

This blog is written and maintained by the Girls’ Angle President and Founder Ken Fan.

3 Responses to About

  1. engight says:

    That’s great that you guys are encouraging girls to learn and play with mathematics!

  2. Elli says:

    Love your work. Women are still underrepresented in Math, although it’s such a beautiful and elegant subject. 🙂

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