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WIM Video: Pick’s Theorem

In our latest WIM Video, Depaul University Associate Professor of Mathematics Bridget Tenner discusses Pick’s theorem. The Girls’ Angle WIM Video series is the brainchild of Girls’ Angle director Elisenda Grigsby. WIM Videos are often shot on the spur of the moment … Continue reading

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Girls’ Angle Bulletin, Volume 7, Number 2

The electronic version of the latest issue of the Girls’ Angle Bulletin is now available on our website. In Bisection Envelopes, a paper to appear in the journal Involve, Noah Fechtor-Pradines proves many interesting properties of the envelope of the set of … Continue reading

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Manipulatives: Use With Caution!

Math manipulatives are concrete objects used as props in math education. As mere objects, they are, in and of themselves, not a bad thing. What is terrible is how they are often used in instruction.

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Areas and Brownies

Recently at Girls’ Angle, we brought in a brownie and told the girls that nobody could have any until they figured out a way to dissect it so that everyone gets an equal share. I’ve done this activity before, but … Continue reading

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3D Trapezoids

A few days ago, I was discussing the area formula for a trapezoid with students who had just derived it for themselves. The discussion led to a neat generalization of the trapezoid to higher dimensions different from the one that envisions the 3D … Continue reading

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