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Why is the area under one hump of a sine curve exactly 2?

I was talking with a student recently who told me that he always found the fact that amazing. “How is it that the area under one hump of the sine curve comes out exactly 2?” He asked me if there is … Continue reading

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Use Your Mind to Save Yourself Time

I’m looking forward to Games Night at the Math Prize for Girls coming up this weekend. I’ve been working with the author of “Mess or Math?” to create a really fun math activity and I hope many of you who … Continue reading

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A Problem For Circle Lovers

Here’s a math problem for anyone who loves circles.

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Circles, Squares, and Parabolas

If you take two circles, you can position them before your right eye in such a way that one will perfectly overlap the other. In other words, a circle is geometrically similar to all other circles. The same is true … Continue reading

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